Intern Bot

The InternBot is modular robotic system I've been developing for a few years now.  It's definitely one of the most complicated projects I have going.  There are 3 main sections or modules to the bot.  There are the chassis, the torso and the head.  All of the motors are controlled via an Ardunio Nano.  In the head there is a Raspberry Pi 3.  The bot is still in it's early stages of development but I have all of the mechanics worked out, finally. Next is to clean up the wiring and learn a bunch of Python.

The chassis uses two DC motor drivers to drive 4 DC motors.  The brain is an Arduino Nano which has a few pins left for an ultrasonic distance sensor and maybe some LEDs.

The Torso has two sets of 4 micro servos in each arm.  The shoulder of each arm is connected to a stepper motor.  There are 5 degrees of freedom for the motion of each arm.  The brain of the Torso is also an Arduino Nano.

The Brain of the InternBot is a Raspberry Pi 3.  There are two servo motors to give the head pan and tilt motions.  The eyes are a camera module connected to the RPi.  The RPi communicates to the Torso and Chasis via a serial connection through USB.  I have plans to change this to I2C though. 


This will be the next hurdle in this project.  I'm still a bit new to Python but there are really exciting modules I want to use for the InternBot such as a language toolkit, speech recognition and AI capabilities.