RFID Switch For HDMI

The RFID switch allows the user to turn off or on an HDMI display via RFID tags.  The idea came as a request in response to an add I placed on Craigslist.  The father wanted to restrict his children's access to the TV based on time of day and length of time watched.  Each child was given a tag which when placed on top of the device, was read by an RFID Reader.


The RFID reader was then connected to an Arduino Nano which processed each card's information.  The Arduino was updated with the current time via an RTC breakout board.  The user could set the times of day and minutes each child was allowed to watch in the code for the Arduino.  A case was then designed and 3D printed to hold all the electronics.

The RTC breakout board was powered by a 3 volt coin cell battery.  I used a library to get the time and update the Arduino. 

This project took me a bit longer than I expected.  I was working on this at night while also working a full time job.   I remember there was a lot of debugging going on and a lot of cursing. 

The challenge lied in keeping track of the information for each tag. After some research, I learned some new ways of handling sets of data.  Structs were a game changer.