This was by far one of my more exhausting projects.  I wanted to learn what goes into making a guitar so I decided to dive in by restoring two axes my friend gave me.  Both were in rough shape when I got them.  they still need some work but I'm more than happy with how they turned out.

I needed to strip the existing finish from both guitars so I could work with the wood underneath.  This proved to be the hardest part.  I tried sanding for hours but couldn't get very far.  I tried a few different types of paint stripper, but still no luck.  What worked best was simply a heat gun and a paint scrapper.

It started to rain and I wanted to keep working so I setup a canopy stay dry as I sanded out the burns from the heat gun. 

I finished sanding each body with a 320 grit and filled in any nicks with some wood filler before I stained each one.

Here is the blue guitar the first picture.  Amazing what a few hours of sanding and staining can do.  I left a few of the burns in as some were just too deep to sand out and the others gave it a cool look with the red stain I chose. 

The final steps were adding a few coats of polyurethane to protect the wood.  I used 3 coats of poly and sanded each piece with 800 grit in between coats. 

Red Devil 001

Blue Dream 001