Doggo Bot

Doggo Bot started as an experiment to build a 4 legged walking robot as simply as I could.  I wanted to make something easy to build and easy to program while still leaving plenty of room for expansion. The idea was to build a platform on which new ideas could be introduced.  I was able to build an Android app which could control the bot via voice commands or a button press.  Doggo Bot could walk, sit, stand, and give paw.  I made some build instructions for others to copy.

All of the electronics can be bought from Amazon.  The key is to get a LiPo battery.  They can supply a lot of power in a light weight package which works great for reducing the weight of the bot.  Also, metal geared servos last much longer than plastic ones.

I thought of building a PCB to house all the electronics  but by using a breadboard, you can test different sensors easier.  Plus, everything fit nicely on top and definitely looks cool.

The legs and body are made of cardboard which was cut on a laser cutter.  The hinge pin is 3D printed PLA.  The body is held together with hot glue. 

I was able to work out different actions for the bot.  The first was giving paw. 

And after some tweaking of the code...

Look at it go!!