CRTV Display

    I bought this mini TV at a garage sale and thought I could make it into a display for a Raspberry Pi. The TV can pick up UHF and VHF signals but I had no idea how to broadcast those from a Pi so I was stuck.  However, connecting the two was just a matter of finding the right set of connections and convertors. 


    The TV had an antenna in port which used an 1/8th inch aux jack.  I spliced a 1/8 inch aux cable with a coaxial cable then connected the TV to the HDMI/RF converter I bought.  I then plugged an HDMI cable into the Pi and converter.  The setup worked really well.

    Below is a shot of TV showing the Raspbian desktop background.  The grainy effect of the TV is really cool when streaming black and white videos from YouTube.  Someone uploaded the video from the tape in the movie The Ring to YouTube and streaming it with this TV makes it look extra spooky. 

    The whole setup can be made portable as the TV can be battery powered as well as the Raspberry Pi.  However, during testing I used the wrong power supply for the RF/HDMI converter and the magic smoke escaped.  I then tried to find room inside the TV to house the RPi but when I smelled ozone in the air and the TV wouldn't show an image, I realized the whole thing was FUBARed.

    It's going to be awhile before I can get my hands on another TV and converter.  Until them, enjoy the photos. 

Project Photos