CRTV Display

I bought this mini TV at a garage sale and thought I could make it into a display for a Raspberry Pi. The TV can pick up UHF and VHF signals but I had no idea how to broadcast those from a Pi.  In the end, it was much simpler than I thought.  I simply spliced a 1/8 inch aux cable with a coaxial cable then connected the Pi to an HDMI to RF adapter.  Connected all the necessary cables and presto, it worked!

First, I spliced the wires.

Next, I plugged the 1/8" jack into the Antenna port.

Connect everything else like this:

Raspberry Pi to

HDMI/RF Adapter to

Coaxial/Mono 1/8" Jack to


Then I went to YouTube.

I found I had to adjust the frequency dial on the TV to get a good picture.  Made for a cool effect though.

I searched YouTube for black and white footage and Charlie Chaplin came up.  The web browser on the Pi was able to stream the video very well.  Cycling through the frequencies caused some interesting effects.

Some amazing human put the haunted VHS footage from The RIng on YouTube.  This TV gives it a new level of creepy. Marc Maron helped to keep it light.

Scanning the airwaves for video then stumbling onto Nosferfatu staring into your eyes is a terrifying thought.  Halloween it going to be fun.